School Board

Each Independent Public School has a school board. Tambrey Primary School, in collaboration with the board, has established a vision for our school that reflects the aspirations and needs of the community. The board has an important influence on the direction of the school, with members bringing ideas and lending their expertise to strategic (big picture) planning and community partnerships.

The School Board is comprised of parent representatives, the Principal and representatives from the school’s teaching staff and community representatives. The School Board actively engages with our local school community and advise our Principal on strategic matters, to nurture and inspire lifelong learning and achieve high level of achievement for all Tambrey Primary School students.

The School Board plays a leading role in decisions which affect the school community. Matters relating to school planning, budget, and policy are discussed and ratified. Parent and staff Board members are elected by those whom they represent.

Meet our School Board

School Board Chair - Jessica Clarke

Sarah Ugle, School board member with family

My name is Sarah Ugle and I am a proud Noongar woman living on Ngarluma country for 7 years now.  My family have joined Tambrey Primary School this year after transferring from another school in town.

I have 2 sons attending Tambrey  in Year 3 and 5 and a nephew and niece that attend boarding school in Perth. Although we are new to Tambrey I have been blown away by the amazing opportunities available to students and the professionalism shown by all staff we have had the pleasure of engaging with.

I work for the Department of Communities as the Aboriginal Regional Co-ordinator for the Pilbara region and I am responsible for improving the Departments Culturally Responsive Practice and Stakeholder engagement. My previous and long standing work history has been working in the Aboriginal Health Sector across WA some of which involved Governance and Board training for the services. 

I am very active in the local community with various sporting groups by way of participating as a player, parent, coach & manager. 

I believe both my professional and personal experiences can offer many things to the Board and I come with experience of previously sitting on a school board at our previous school.

Board Member-Brad Davy

Brad Davy, board member, with his two children

Hello, everyone! My name is Bradley Davy, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I have had the privilege of growing up in the vibrant town of Karratha, nestled in the heart of Western Australia. My journey through early education began at Karratha Primary School and finished with me graduating at Tambrey Primary School.

After working in town then beginning FIFO work and relocating to Perth where I had my children, I found myself drawn back to Karratha and into the field of Lecturing. I am honored to serve as a lecturer at North Regional TAFE, where I have the chance to inspire and empower the next generation of learners. The provides me a small insight to what our fabulous Faculty here at Tambrey Primary School our able to achieve with our children.

Beyond my professional endeavours, my greatest joy comes from being actively involved in both my children's lives and our community. As a parent, I cherish every moment spent nurturing and guiding my two wonderful kids, who are currently thriving in their respective academic, personal and sporting journeys - one in Year 1 and the other in Year 3 at Tambrey Primary School.

Being an integral part of my children's school experience has further fuelled my passion for community involvement. Whether it's volunteering for parent helper, participating in local initiatives, or simply lending a helping hand where needed, I find immense fulfillment in contributing positively to the lives of those around me.

In essence, my life revolves around the values of family, community and education. I am committed to fostering a supportive and enriching environment both within the school board and the greater community. I am excited to embark on this journey with the Tambrey school board and provide what I can to assist in Tambrey's Governance.

Hope to see you around, Brad.

Board Member-Anna Wailu

Anna Wailu, board member

Wayiba / Wanthiwa / Debe Ger Ger

Hello/ Good Day

Kara nai Deke readi  (Meriam Mir dialect )Anna Wailu 

My Name is Anna Wailu I am a Torres Strait Woman From Murray Island. 

Growing up here in the Pilbara has always been some of the best memories for me, born in Karratha and now currently raising my children here I want them to experience the freedom of play in a  small community with the inclusivity that Karratha has always had. 

Growing up in a big family I found my passions quite early I loved looking after all our family babies, so I always knew someday I was going to have a big family of my own. Then came my love and passion for sports starting my sporting journey off with junior AFL with Karratha Falcons and then joining the Tequira's Netball club which then grew into other sports Rugby League, Basketball, Touch basically any sports I could try and give it a go I did it.

Karratha was very multi-cultural back in the day, it's what bought people together. I remember going around to different schools during NAIDOC WEEK with the Families from Roebourne sharing both Aboriginal and Torres Strait food songs and dance. This was the point I knew I wanted to be involved in the community playing sport, sharing and supporting both Aboriginal and Torres Straits people. I wanted to be a leader and example of my people, my culture and how I wanted to share this with the next generation.

My passion continues to grow now with 6 little, not so little people in toe. I continue to work and play and be as involved in community and now also education, to inspire our future leaders like my own, to be proud and committed . I love my community and still am very involved, joining the Board at Tambrey Primary opens another door for me and my people.

As the Program Coordinator for Stars Foundation in the Primaries I work with students and their families at Tambrey, engaging in healthy lifestyles connecting community to education, building relationships and inspiring young female Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to continue coming to school. As my youngest two are already apart of Tambrey in Kindy and Year 2, I also want to invest myself into their education and be a part of this amazing Team at Tambrey Primary. 

Board Member-Zoe Thorpe

Zoe Thorpe, board member

My career began at Tambrey Primary School as a Graduate Teacher in 2022 after my partner and I made the move to the Pilbara to live out the adventurous ‘BCFing’ lifestyle. We now call Karratha our forever home.

I am proud to be a teacher at Tambrey, where students are learning, inspiring and achieving each day. Tambrey’s strong sense of community engagement is what I love most about our positive environment. As a new Board member, I look forward to being a part of the team, where I can listen and learn to the broad knowledge of our members.  

Board Member- Helen Cusworth

Helen Cusworth, board member

My journey with Tambrey Primary started in late 2013 when my husband and I enrolled our three children for a term during our lap around Australia. Inevitably, we decided to call Karratha home and I then began my own journey as a graduate teacher at Tambrey .

I joined the Board in 2018 and have witnessed many changes over time, including our rebranding and the introduction of new uniforms. I am proud of our accomplishments at Tambrey over recent years and value the role of our Board. Sitting on the Board as a staff member allows me to connect with our community and support members in understanding some of the day-to-day workings within classrooms and the impact decisions may have on our school community. I also value the expertise other members bring from a wide range of experiences and enterprise.

Board Member- Kym Farrugia

I grew up in Perth and have been residing in the Pilbara with my family since 2021. I have four children, with the youngest currently attending Tambrey Primary School.
Most of my career has been in Real Estate,  with over 20 years of experience in property management and I am currently serving as a personal assistant at the local Harvey Norman.
Outside of work, I enjoy activities such as swimming, camping, and boating, which allows me to unwind and spend quality time with my family.
I am excited to be a part of the Tambrey board with the opportunity to invest my knowledge and life experience into our children’s education.

Board Member- Megan Rogers

Hello fellow Tambrey Community Members.

My name is Megan. Originally from the northern suburbs of Perth, I grew up in a small community where I have fond memories of attending the local primary school where my sense of community was first fostered. The school was filled with other children from the neighbourhood where we could safely walk to and from school together, and the sense of belonging to a community was really valued by our family and experiencing that sense of community spirit from such a young age was such a positive experience, I knew even then that I wanted that for my own children someday.

In 2021, after 13 years of working away, my husband Mike wanted to give FIFO life a rest, we decided to move to Karratha. With our two young children in tow, we made the 17-hour drive from Perth and are now enjoying everything the Pilbara has to offer.  

Deciding on a school for our children was a daunting task but having moved into the suburb of Nickol and been given a tour of the school by the principal Shiona Hobart, we were blown away by the sense of community that Tambrey Primary seemed to offer. It evoked the memories I had of my own childhood, and I felt that my children would be welcome here. We have been blown away by the support, culture, curriculum, and friendships the school has offered.

For the last seven years, since welcoming our first son, I have been lucky enough to be able to work from home, giving me the time and opportunity to give back to the local community such as nominating myself to the schoolboard, as well as being hands on in my children’s schooling.

I am very proud to be a part of the Tambrey Primary School community.  Our family has made wonderful friends and with our second son attending kindy in 2025, I look forward to nurturing that for years to come.

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