Visual Arts

At Tambrey Primary school students in Years 1-6 are given every opportunity to thrive in an inviting Visual Arts Classroom that is equipped with a diverse range of art materials and equipment to inspire and enhance creativity.  

We value the importance of Visual Arts and its capacity to engage all students to respond to artists and their artworks, and develop understanding, critical reasoning and practical skills through exploring and expanding their understanding of their world. Visual Arts supports students' ability to recognise and develop cultural appreciation of visual arts in the past and contemporary contexts through exploring and making connections. 

Visual Arts incorporates all three fields of art, craft and design. Students create visual representations that communicate, challenge and express their own and others' ideas through drawing, painting, design, print making, collage, clay work, sculpture and collaborative art projects.  

Our students have the opportunity to showcase their artworks at school and community exhibitions throughout the year to encourage budding artists to create works that showcase their learning and talents beyond the classroom. Students engage in whole school and community art projects and work alongside visiting artist-in-residence programs. 

Read the Annual Report from Visual Arts, including our mural installation in 2023 here.