Contributions and Charges

Tambrey Primary School Council has endorsed the schedule of Kindergarten—Year 6 Contributions and Charges for 2020. The schedule is broken into sections and will allow you to calculate all costs that you might incur throughout the year.

The total amount of contributions parents and carers are being asked to pay has been contained within the $60.00 per child maximum set in the School Education Regulations 2002. Money collected will be used to supplement school expenditure on the educational programs being run at this school. While contributions are voluntary, the quality of teaching and learning programs is maximised when each family pays its contribution. It equates to 30 cents per day!

Additional cost items such as camps/incursions/excursion are estimated maximum costs. View and download the charges documentation for full details.

Contributions and Charges 2024

The level of Charges & Voluntary Contributions has been approved and endorsed by the School Board.