Science | STEM

At Tambrey Primary School students engage in the four key areas of Science Understanding;

  • Chemical Science
  • Biological Science
  • Earth and Space Science and
  • Physical Science

Each week students participate in hands on inquiry-based projects that are focused on the local environment, industry, landforms and flora and fauna of the Pilbara and Western Australia. We incorporate Aboriginal perspectives and traditional knowledge into our term plans and activities. Students work in small groups to apply the information and skills they learn to come up with better solutions to solve real world problems.

Students are encouraged to show:

  • Innovation in problem solving
  • Commitment to learning
  • Cooperation in group work
  • Creativity through diversity
  • Data analysis skills

Galharra On Country Science 

Galharra is the Ngarluma word for the interconnectedness of all things-the sky, waterways, country, plants and animals, and it is the concept that is being used at Tambrey to further develop our student's understandings of local Aboriginal Histories and Culture though Science. 

Each year level has an opportunity to participate in a themed On Country learning experience which as a part of the Science curriculum. 

Year 4 Galharra On Country Science/ Spinifex

The Year 4 students experienced a unique opportunity and Mrs Sinclair has worked extensively with Clinton Walker to create a whole day of On Country learning based around spinifex!
The students visited the Yaburara Heritage Trail with Clinton and created spears using spinifex resin, wove baskets, investigated rock art and discovered kangaroo hides used by local Aboriginal people to hunt.
The whole day was full of wonder and discovery and learning and we want to sincerely thank Mrs Sinclair, Clinton, staff and parents as well as Pilbara Real Estate who all made this day possible.
Watch this space for more Galharra On Country learning programs coming up for other year levels.



See Mrs Sinclair's Science report from our 2023 Annual report here which includes information about Tambrey's On-Country Two-way Science program.