Early Learning

At Tambrey Primary School, our commitment to early learning is deeply rooted in our school vision: Nurture, Inspire, Achieve. We understand that the foundation of a child’s educational journey is laid during their formative years, and we embrace this responsibility with dedication and enthusiasm. Ensuring that our students receive an education that places a strong emphasis on research-based play-based learning, in conjunction with a curriculum supported by evidence, is always our top priority.

Nurture: We believe in providing a nurturing environment where each child's unique potential is recognized and celebrated. Our early learning programs are designed to cultivate not only academic skills but also social and emotional development. Through a holistic approach, we ensure that children feel safe, valued, and encouraged to explore the world around them.

Inspire: Inspiration is at the heart of our educational philosophy. We are committed to igniting the spark of curiosity in young minds. Our educators are passionate about creating engaging and dynamic learning experiences that stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning. 

Achieve: Our ultimate goal is to empower our early learners to achieve their full potential. We align our curriculum with the Australian Curriculum, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for their educational journey ahead. We also adhere to the National Quality Standard, which sets a benchmark for excellence in early childhood education from Kindergarten through to year two. This commitment to quality enables us to provide a strong foundation upon which future achievements are built.

Our approach combines the best practices in early childhood education with the latest research in pedagogy. We create a supportive and enriching environment where children not only learn but thrive. We incorporate explicit direct instruction and play-based exploration, to provide a balanced and comprehensive educational experience.

We understand that parents and guardians play a crucial role in a child's development, and we actively encourage family involvement. Together, we form a partnership to ensure the success of each child.

To further support families in preparing their children for school, we've gathered valuable resources to ease the transition:

  1. Australian Parenting Website: Explore this comprehensive resource hub, packed with valuable information and guidance for all parents.
  2. Early Childhood Australia: We recommend the insightful resources published by Early Childhood Australia, covering topics such as managing separation anxiety, promoting health and nutrition, and ensuring healthy sleep habits.
  3. Department of Education: For practical information on enrolling your child in school, the Department of Education offers guidance and downloadable booklets outlining what to expect when your child starts Kindergarten and Pre-Primary.  You can also use their School Age Calculator to determine when your child is eligible to enrol in Kindergarten.
  4. Triple P Positive Parenting Program: A valuable resource for parents, offering evidence-based strategies and practical guidance to empower parents in nurturing positive relationships with their children and fostering their development. It provides a wealth of information and tools to help parents navigate various parenting challenges with confidence and effectiveness.

At Tambrey Primary School, early learning is more than just preparing for the future; it's about nurturing the present. We are here to guide, inspire, and celebrate the achievements of our young learners as they embark on their educational journey with us.

For inquiries regarding zoning areas and the enrolment process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our front office at 9186 7400. We are here to assist you in ensuring a smooth and successful transition to Tambrey Primary School for your child.