Essential Assessment

Tambrey Primary School utilises Essential Assessment to maximise learning in Mathematics from Pre primary to Year 6. This online assessment platform allows teachers to assess our students at the beginning and conclusion of mathematic units accurately against the Australian Curriculum. Students’ results are automatically and instantly compiled, advising the teacher of each students’ current achievement level and their current understandings and misunderstandings from each content area. This allows targeted teaching and gap filling for any misconceptions students may have.

Essential Assessment will dramatically improve our school’s ability to differentiate our mathematics content for the individual, groups and whole class as it utilises student results and creates a tailored paper-based and online curriculum (My Numeracy) for each student, group or class.

My Numeracy is a differentiated and personalised practice assessment model with an interactive teaching and learning function that enables students to progress through each of their current misunderstandings at their own pace. In addition, this function can be used as additional work at home for students wanting further extension and practice.

The post assessment will allow Tambrey Primary School to accurately report on your child’s academic level and growth. This will also provide our school with improved data on students’ growth and achievement as they progress through each year level.

Highlights of the program:

  • Individualized support for each student from Pre-Primary- year 6
  • Extension opportunities
  • Accurate formative and summative data on students, classes and whole school
  • Increased student motivation and enjoyment of mathematics through My Numeracy goals and trophies