Physical Education

Tambrey Primary School provides a high quality Physical Education program run by a specialist teacher delivered in weekly 60 minute lessons. A focus on providing learning experiences aimed at teaching and developing transferable, fundamental sport skills guide the programs. A variety of events across the year, allows all students to engage in both school based and inter-school carnivals. We apply for and secure funding grants to partner with local community sporting organizations, ensuring our students benefit from professional coaching across various sports and activities. This collaboration enhances their skills, fosters a love for physical activity, and builds their confidence. Our commitment to providing outstanding physical education is strengthened by these grants and community support.

Through active participation in Tambrey's Physical education program, students are prepared for a healthy and active lifestyle. Developing skills, knowledge, teamwork and positive attitudes. Students are provided with a sequential development of fundamental movement skills, fitness, athletics and sport education.

We invite all students to join us on this exciting journey towards success in physical education.