Instructional Model

Teachers at Tambrey Primary School use Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) to teach new concepts and skills across all learning areas. EDI is a systematic approach that aims to provide students with a strong foundation in various subjects. It promotes deep understanding and mastery of concepts, and the regular reviews help prevent knowledge decay. This approach is especially valuable in elementary education where students are building their foundational knowledge and skills, and a structured approach can be highly effective in ensuring their academic success. 

At Tambrey our approach to EDI involves designing structured lessons that contain clear learning intentions, activate a students prior knowledge & break down complex concepts and skills into smaller, more manageable parts.  Teachers work systematically to ensure that students not only grasp the current concept but also make connections with previous knowledge, building on and improving students' concept and skill levels. 

The goal of EDI is for students to achieve mastery in new concepts. This means that students don't just acquire a basic understanding; they thoroughly understand and can apply what they've learned.

To support long-term retention and understanding, our instructional model includes regular reviews of previously learned concepts. At Tambrey Primary School, this review is facilitated through Daily Learning Reviews. These reviews help reinforce prior knowledge and ensure that it's not forgotten over time.

Project based learning is then used in an integrated approach to the Humanities, Social Sciences & STEM curriculums, allowing students with multiple opportunities to apply the skills they have developed through exposure to EDI in the core curriculum areas of English and Mathematics.