Digital Technologies

At Tambrey Primary School, we embrace technologies and encourage the use of technologies to enhance learning in the classroom and additionally in a specialist field. 

All Year 1 – 6 students attend regular Digital Technologies specialist classes where they are given opportunities to learn digital systems through devices such as iPads, laptops and various robotics. Some of the robotics they are exposed to include: Beebots, Dash&Dot, Micro:bit, Lego WeDo, Lego Spike Prime, Lego EV3 and Raspberry Pi.  

Our students are encouraged to use robotics and coding to solve real world problems through Project-based learning. Students that show aptitude and a love of robotics are further supported to participate in the annual Pilbara RoboCup and school-based robotics clubs.  

All Year 1 - 6 students learn and practise the following computational thinking skills as endorsed by the Australian Curriculum (ACARA).  

  • Pattern Recognition 
  • Decomposition 
  • Abstraction 
  • Modelling and Simulation 
  • Algorithms 
  • Evaluation 

Twice a year, Year 3 – 6 students participate in the CSIRO Bebras Computational Thinking challenge that promotes computer science and invites students to test their computational thinking skills in a live national challenge.  

Tambrey Primary School participates in partnerships that promote innovative digital technologies and professional development for teachers such as the SciTech Mitsui Future Computing Project.