Our P&C

The main objectives of the Tambrey Primary School P&C are to;

  • Promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff together,
  • Assist in providing facilities and equipment,
  • Promote the welfare of students at the school and,
  • Encourage parent and community participation in educational issues.


A central role of the Tambrey Primary School P&C is the provision of supplementary funding to the school. Funds are raised through events throughout the year. The P&C has over the years contributed significant funds to playground equipment, library resources, computers, iPad’s and the provision of interactive whiteboards to all classrooms.  


P&C meetings are held in the school staff room on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm. Dates can be found on our P&C news page. Everyone is welcome. Your ideas, wisdom, perspective and input are important, and without them we cannot offer extra support to our school and community. The Principle reports at each meeting providing invaluable information relating to both the school and changes within the Department of Education. It provides a forum for communication and feedback.


Tambrey Primary School P&C is responsible for the operation of the school canteen, uniform shop and school banking.

Tambrey Primary School P&C can be contacted:

  • In person - catch a committee member at school and have a chat
  • Email - pandctambrey@gmail.com
  •    Tambrey Primary School P&C - join our Facebook page


P&C Committee 2017


Stuart Dale

Vice President

Leah Lobato


Nikki Hemmett


Amy Pilkington

Executive Members

Carrie Pianta

Jess Alexander

Amanda Morley

Jen Hill

Joe Chuma

Lauren Bruce



Uniform Shop

Lauren Bruce

School Banking

Kylie Kammerer





ABN:24 367 643 435