In Term Swimming Schedule


All buses leave the school approximately 10-15 minutes before the lessons are due to start.


Please note;

  • Only children attending Lessons 1 and 2 should wear their bathers to school.  All other students will be given sufficient time to change into their bathers prior to their lessons.
  • Upon returning to school, students will change back into school uniform. Please supply your child with a plastic bag in which to place wet bathers and towel.
  • All children must wear a hat and a rashie or T-shirt, and have sunscreen on. Children may bring goggles to wear, however the swimming instructor will decide if goggles must be removed for a particular skill. Ensure all items are labelled with your child’s name.
  • Children are permitted to wear thongs to and from the pool, but must wear  appropriate shoes at school.
  • Some lessons run during lunch or recess. Where this occurs children will be given a break after swimming to change, eat and have supervised play. Please keep in mind that swimming does make children hungry.
  • Children not attending swimming lessons will be supervised at school.


2018 Swimming Schedule Group 1