Kids and Parents Enjoying Reading (KAPER) is Tambrey Primary School encouraging parents to read daily to their children, to give them stimulating oral language experiences and build great foundations for learning to read.

One book will be the focus for each fortnight. That’s ten for a semester. These books are great examples of children’s literature from Australia and beyond. Some are old favourites, while others may be more recent releases. Reading a book many times will enable your child to learn from it at many levels and help it to become a favourite in your home.


Each book will be accompanied by the release of Parent Notes; containing ideas on how you can get the most out of reading that book to your child, with a strong focus on oral language.

Tambrey Primary School KAPER Parent Information Booklet

KAPER Booklist 1

KAPER Booklist 2

KAPER Booklist 3

KAPER Booklist 4