Tambrey students from Pre-primary to Year 4 have been attending Science specialist lessons in the Science Lab this Semester.  They have been very busy conducting investigations and working like Scientists.  The focus this Semester has been on Earth and Space Sciences and developing Science Inquiry Skills.


Pre-primary started Term 1 by investigating the five senses.  They have been introduced to scientific vocabulary and are using their five senses to help them observe, understand and explore the world around them.  Term 2 has seen the Pre-primary students move on to investigating the weather in our world.


Year 1 students have been investigating changes that occur in our world.  They have conducted observations of the day and night sky and have identified features that change.  The landscape is also constantly changing and students have been exploring natural, built and managed landscapes and discussing how human activity affects features of the landscape.


The students in Year 2 have been investigating water as a precious resource.  They have discussed where it comes from and how to use it responsibly.  Students were particularly impressed by the mini water cycle they created and can explain the water cycle using scientific language.


Year 3 students have been studying the relationships between the Sun, Earth and Moon and are working on understanding how we experience day and night as a result of these relationships.  They have been working like Scientists to investigate how shadows change throughout the day and have presented their data through annotated diagrams, tables and graphs.


The Year 4 students have been exploring how natural processes and human activity shape their surroundings.  They have investigated how soils, rocks and landscapes change over time.  Through their investigations students have developed an understanding that variables are the things that can be changed, measured or kept the same. They are working on developing fair tests by only changing one variable at a time when measuring changes.


By conducting Science lessons in the Science Lab students have also been exposed to a variety of Scientific Learning Centres such as animal life cycles, magnetic forces, human body systems and microscopes.  Students are able to spend time exploring the areas they are naturally curious about which assists with developing deeper understandings about the world around them.  


Kerry Bishopp, Lorraine Grey & Tracey Prout - Science Teachers