School Hours / Timetable

Office Hours


Monday - Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm





2 days one week, 3 days the alternative week 8:20am - 2:30pm



Pre-Primary - Year 6


Monday - Friday 8:20am - 2:30pm




School Timetable


Monday - Thursday                                                


Start: 8:20am                                                       


Recess: 10:30am - 10:50am                                    


Lunch: 12:50pm - 1:20pm          


Mini Assembly: 1:20pm - 1:30pm


Finish: 2:30pm                                                      



Children should not arrive at school prior to 8.00am; classroom doors open at 8.10am.

Children may remain with parents outside classrooms, or wait in the undercover area if they are unsupervised and supervison will be provided.